Long Distance Release Day!

Annnd it’s out! Long Distance has dropped on all platforms!! ❤️❤️

Link to Spotify/Apple Music/Youtube etc:

Thanks so much to everyone who helped me get this release out there – from first writing the tune in my flat in London to the release and all the madness in between. It’s been a journey!
“Long Distance” is about 4 years of my life spent in a long-distance relationship between Montréal and London, two homes that have shaped me in my life.

But the deeper theme is:
the journey of things,
going the distance,
taking your time to get somewhere,
but doing it right,
staying true to yourself,
and most importantly;
overcoming mental and physical obstacles to get somewhere because if you try you can.

Get and listen, and share good vibes today!! 🎧🎧😀

Artwork by the amazing http://www.instagram.com/ha.rmo

Check the remix released too!

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Music Composed & Produced by James Beckwith

Piano/Synth – James Beckwith
Bass – Joe Downard
Drums – Harry Pope
Violins – Will Harvey, Olivia Cecilia, Oan Dates
Violas – Lizzie Boyce, Pippa Bint
Cello – Greg Duggan

Engineered by Matt Jagger
Mixed by Guy Speakman
Mastered by Paul Jones

Recorded at Fish Factory Studios, London
Produced at Royal Hill Studio, London
Mixed at Speakman Sound Studio, London
Mastered at Mutate Music

Thanks to Simone Gallizio, Kathleen Shah, Todd Speakman, & Alex Watson

© 2020 James Beckwith All Rights Reserved